Light Emitting Diode

LED application technology is used for communication with users in many places around us such as mobile phones and TVs.
VENUKI develops backpacks that can communicate in practical, fun, fashionable, and safe fields by combining LED display and IoT technologies with backpack manufacturing technology.
Low power consumption, long life, small size, and easy display!

  • LED Display
  • IoT
  • Backpack Manufacturing

backpacks that can communicate in practical, fun, fashionable, and safe fields

VENUKI Diamond Black
Introducing LED Diamond Black, the representative product of Venuki

Display everything you
want with a smartphone!

Users can download and use various basic images.
Also, any character in the world is 100% perfectly compatible.
In addition, users can create their own unique design
using the pictures that they drew themselves.

Automatic display using smartphone GPS sensor signals!
The GPS-connected VENUKI application automatically sends the “drive, stop, and brake” signals to the LED display board, thus helping you protect yourself safely.


Innovative VENUKI design #1
Self-standing edgy design!
It has a carrier-like structure that can be opened
at 45°, 90°, and 180° for more convenient use.

Innovative VENUKI design #2
VENUKI’s own design, which
is simple but detailed.

VENUKI’s own special and timeless backpack that is made more stylish with its high-gloss panel in an understated black design that does not have any external pockets!

Innovative VENUKI design #3
Making the backpack interior
bright with LED lights!

To solve the inconvenience of being unable to know
what is inside the backpack in the dark,
we placed a sensor inside the backpack,
allowing you to check its contents easily—even at night.


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