Communication = Hearing+Vision + Gesture + Expression

To communicate opinions, feelings, and thoughts to each other,
you need media such as sight, hearing, gesture, facial expression, sound, etc.

Communication desired by VENUKI

A backpack that stays with me
at every moment of my daily life!

A backpack that makes
me more special!

A backpack that makes
me much smarter!

Until now, backpacks have only been regarded as a tool for holding things or as a fashion item.
Now, you can express your thoughts and feelings and even protect your safety

this is the communication that VENUKI pursues.

Why do you need VENUKI’s communication?

You can freely express
your daily life with VENUKI

You can freely express your daily life with VENUKI using
the 512 full-color LEDs at the front part of the backpack.
It supports basic images provided through constant updates,
direct-drawn images, and languages all over the world.

Free communication through AI backpack
that can talk!

You can communicate your worries that you were unable to convey
through your backpack. Our smart backpack makes it easy
for you to communicate with your children.

How to keep you safe with
our backpack shining brightly in the dark?

Have you ever thought of ways to protect yourself from a car coming
from behind in the dark night?
The VENUKI application automatically sends “drive, stop, and brake”
signals to the LED display board, thus helping you protect yourself in dark nights.

Feel your life change with VENUKI!


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