Electro Luminescence

EL application technology is used for communication with users in many places around us such as automobile dashboards, mobile phones, and TVs.
VENUKI develops backpacks that can communicate in practical, fun, fashion, and safe ways by combining EL and fusion technology with various fabrics.

  • Lower power consumption than LED
  • flexible response to the flexible processing
  • thinner than LED

Easy mass production

EL Design Pattern Analysis
VENUKI’s design, loved by
men and women of all ages!

VENUKI’s special backpack is loved by men and women of all ages
with its unique pattern and character designs, created
through partnerships with world-famous character companies!

EL Microcontroller Analysis
A backpack designed for
safety and efficiency!

VENUKI is equipped with a safe, microcontroller of less than 55×35 mm
—including the battery—through accurate power consumption calculation.
This microcontroller does not emit any high-frequency sound that bothers the users.


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