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[Diamon Black] Application Update & Backpack Update

2019-11-11 16:38

The new standard VENUKI backpack.

November 8, 2019, the VENUKI application has been updated.

The updates are as follows:

* App has been updated only Android.
IOS will be updated early next year.

● Screen composition Overall change> We made it easier for customers.
● Add image categories> Go to the desired image more quickly.
● You can check the speed of text registration> App on the screen.
● Save recently registered phrases> You can reuse the phrases you used previously with a single touch.
● Select / enlarge or reduce drawing shape> Provides four drawing shapes for easier drawing.
● Animation function> You can create and register 10 frames of animation.
● Add time function> The time function has been added to display the current time.

● Time function has been added.
* Diamond Black must be updated to use the time function.
* The update method will be as follows.

[How to add Backpack time function]
● If you pay the courier fee, we will update for free.
1. Please write your name / cell phone number / receipt address exactly on the paper and put it inside the bag.
2. Please pack the bag securely in a box.
3. Please send your courier in advance. (From: 303 Cheonjam-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Venture Startup Building No. 211, Lee Gi-young 010-3300-5729)
4. After receiving the product, we will proceed with the update.
5. After the update is completed and tested, the courier will be sent to your address.
6. Customer Receives Product
* Additional costs may be incurred in islands, mountainous regions and overseas.
* Schedules 1 to 6 will be processed within 7 business days unless inevitable cases occur.
* We recommend that you take a photo of the product before shipment to prepare for any scratches or damages that occurred during shipment. We are not responsible for scratches and breakages that occur during shipping.

We will do our best to provide better service in the future.

Thank you.

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